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Grits & Cornmeal

These are the real deal. You can actually taste the corn - amazing. Forget everything you know about the grits that are widely available in the supermarkets. You cook these longer, but they are so much better. We got these and Greenway Farms non-GMO white corn meal, which was also wonderful. These two items will be ordered again soon to make sure we don’t run out.
These grits are very different from the regular grits. They have a very good flavor and the texture is wonderful.
Get some - you will like it! This is a no GMO all natural Corn Meal (white) that has no additives. Most stores now carry only self rising cornmeal, and it is terrible stuff, but Greaanway has the “Old Fashioned Kind” and finally our Corn Bread and Spoon Bread taste like it should. The stuff they sell in most stores today is not fit to feed hogs!


This sausage is the best ever!
Your bacon has made me abandon my desire for fakin’ it with store bought bacon and taken me to a place of forsaken desires to acquire more real bacon. My belly is achin’ for more. I have awakened...
Had delicious T-Bone steak for dinner tonight from Jesse’s was delicious and so tender! Loved it!!! Thanks Casey Lane for delivering my 1/4 cow yesterday.
I just ate the best sausage I have ever had!! Thank you Casey!! I will be back for more!
I am so thankful for Jesse and his grassfed beef. If it wasn’t for him and you we couldn’t afford to eat healthy. Excited to already be on the waiting list for next year, hopefully I made it earlier this time, lol
Casey Lane, this hog that we bought from you is superb! I’ve never tasted any meat so good! I was once a vegan and slowly converted to eating meat for health reasons. Thanks again!!

Dairy and Other Products

My husband LOVED the Milk and told me it brings him back to his childhood
We fried french fries for the first time in years (normally bake in oven). We were out of oil so we used the lard we received from Casey. All I can say is that will happen again, oh my.