Regional Seasonal's Core Farmers.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Casey Lane, Food Freedom Farm Shares

Casey Lane and his family live on a 3 acre homestead near Brooker, FL. There they homeschool their children, farrow heritage hogs, keep a family cow, chickens, ducks and honey bees.

Casey finishes the hogs in the oak hammocks and organic fields of nearby Greenway Farm with his friend and farming mentor, Jesse Green. The pork is offered here as Hog Shares of whole and half hogs and as retail cuts and sausage.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Jesse Green, Greenway Farm

Jesse and his wife Rose, live on Greenway Farm in northern Alachua County. Jesse is a lifelong farmer and native Florida Cracker. Greenway Farm is 200 acres of fertile black land soil, where Jesse raises grassfed beef and organic heirloom white flint corn that he stone grinds in to grits and corn meal.

The flavor of their grassfed beef is exceptionally good due to the fertile soil and variety of grass. The beef is offered to families as whole, half and quarter beeves that are custom processed to the buyer's specifications. Grits and corn meal can be purchased here and are also shipped.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Duke and Nikki Lewis, Lewis Family Farm

Duke and Nikki raise their children, chickens and heritage hogs at their family homestead right in Jacksonville near the beach on Greenfield Creek, a tidal river flowing in to the St Johns and Intracoastal Waterway. Lush clover and grasses grow in the rich alluvial soil and along with an acorn heavy oak hammock, provide a significant portion of their hog's diets.

The Lewis' produce eggs for their family and neighbors and farrow pigs to produce pork for their family and friends and to be finished at Greenway Farm for Regional Seasonal. Their pork can be purchased here as Hog Shares and retail cuts of pork and sausage.

Dave and Ginger Shields, Pastured Life

Dave and Ginger call their homestead family farm in O'Brien, FL "Pastured Life" because they are building perennial pasture for health, animal welfare, flavor and sustainability through the management of livestock on the land.

The Shields produce grassfed raw dairy products, pasture raised eggs and chicken, and heritage hogs. Their products can be purchased here. The Shields are also the primary distributor for NonGMO Project Verified livestock feeds in the state of Florida. Without their feed cooperative, affordable NonGMO meat could not be produced in Florida.

Jerry and Tami Logan

Jerry and Tami Logan, and their large family, are city transplants to Baker County, who were looking for a return to a more sustainable lifestyle! They moved to their 20 acres, in the hopes of learning lost lifestyles, and fell in love with raising pigs! They joined Regional Seasonal at the beginning of 2016, and dedicated their forest property to raising heritage pork, the cleanest way possible.

Ricardo and Christina Tomala, Noble Roots Farm

Ricardo and Christina's mission is to be a year round local source for Nutrient rich produce, pastured eggs, pasture raised poultry, and raw dairy. They also aim to help other young farmers, like themselves, get started.  Ricardo and Christina are exactly the type of rugged and inspired young farmers that America needs to succeed at having a healthy food system. They raise their chickens, lamb, cattle and vegetables the way God intended. With sustainable practices and Non-GMO certified feed it results in a safe chemical and antibiotic free product. Ricardo is an avid cook and hopes in the coming year to build a commercial kitchen on their farm to produce desserts and ready tocook meals made from their farm products to offer for sale. The farm is near Eustis and they welcome visitors at the farm and to see them at the local producers only market where they sell most of their products.