Jesse Green from greenway farms

Jesse Green from greenway farms

Non-GMO, 100% organically grown, stone ground corn grits & meal ground fresh weekly at Greenway Farm in Alachua County by Jesse Green. The corn is from heirloom seeds in his family for generations.  Non-GMO naturally occurring white flint corn (not bleached yellow corn) with zero additives. These corn products are a nutritious and perishable product with flavor unlike those from the grocery store and and should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

Grits and Meal are packaged by Jesse and shipped direct from the farm. Native Florida Cracker Jesse Green does not use fertilizer or chemicals. Fertility is from the black soil made rich by crop rotation with legumes and pasture for his grassfed beef herd. The corn is from seed saved year after year and is stone ground fresh in the on farm mill house.

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These are the real deal. You can actually taste the corn - amazing. Forget everything you know about the grits that are widely available in the supermarkets.
— Just one of our happy customers