We believe that transparency with the consumer is essential to good farming practices and livestock care. We would love to say we have a 24/365 open farm policy, but all of our farms are our homes. We live here. So, its not entirely possible, but we want to always welcome visitors. Please contact us and come to the farm! No closed doors here. And, please never hesitate to ask any question about our products. We pride ourselves in knowing the answer to every question about ingredients and our farm practices. We are passionate about it and love to talk about it!

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Do you have a small farm or homestead and find it hard to both produce farm products and market and deliver them? We did. That is why we started Regional Seasonal. If you produce great food on your farm and are willing to meet our quality standards, we would probably love to help you get in touch with more consumers. No farm is too small. We're about quality over quantity.

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