Greenway Corn Meal Tortillas

Greenway Farm Corn Meal fan Julie Mickler Bhatia shared this recipe and her technique for making taco shells from Greenway Farm Corn Meal. I've reshared it here:

Ok here's another big win in my house tonight! Nothing kills a Taco Tuesday like having to pass over the crappy shells and tortillas! We usually just do salads and Xochitel chips. But, I ran across a great link and made homemade corn shells with my wonderful corn meal from the farm. They turned out amazing and my hubby and son couldn't stop stealing them! The link is below. I wanted them crispy so I moved my toaster oven next to my cook-top. As I pulled them off the pan I draped them over two grates. Probably one of an oven grate would work. These are close together. I put it on about 300 convection and after 5-8 minutes they were so nice and formed and crispy! And it didn't take long at all to make 8 or so. Yummo!!! Yay for non-crap taco shells! Just had to share.