Grassfed Beef Update

Jesse believes he will be able to start butchering some cows around the end of March to supply the waiting list we have for Whole, Half and Quarter cows. This is just an estimate as it is very dependent on the weather and grass growth. This is the real deal! He's not feeding them on a schedule, it depends on the seasons and the productivity of the grass to fatten the cows. Currently, we have a waiting list with slightly over half of the cows available already booked. There is no deposit required to be on the waiting list. Just a good faith desire to purchase a whole, half or quarter cow when it is ready. As they become ready, I will start contacting those on the list starting at the top and moving down. If you aren't ready when I contact you, that's okay, I will contact you again next time. Now would be a good time to get on the list! You can email me or read more details and actually sign up here.

Occasionally, Jesse MAY have a cow of which he doesn't like the temperament or for other reasons he doesn't think the cow will butcher out as well as he likes. In this case, we will do more hamburger shares with such cows.

There is a lot of demand for grassfed beef and there is not a lot of great grassfed beef available. I am talking and meeting with a few other ranchers willing to fully finish beef on grass and follow Jesse's management practices. Developing a beef herd can take years but we are willing to wait for quality. I would love to co-op with any ranchers willing to follow our standards. Even if they can only finish a one or a few a year.