Our Story

Shortly after having children, we watched the documentary Food, Inc. The film opened our eyes to the disturbing problems in the commercial food industry that were afflicting our health and environment. It led us to discover that there was a better way to feed our family and a better way to live. We first began by shopping for organic foods and then raising chickens in our yard. We partnered with Casey Lane, who had become a budding farmer after we shared Food, Inc with him. Together, we used our land to provide eggs and meat for both of our families.

Casey eventually found his own farm, keeping a milk cow and raising pigs. He convinced us to try our own pigs after sampling his bacon. We purchased two young pigs from Dave and Ginger Shields at Pastured Life Farm. We raised them by rotating them around the pasture of our property and fed them non-GMO feed. When the time came to process them, we ended up with a freezer full of the most delicious pork we had ever tasted! Nothing store bought could compare to the flavor. Plus, we had loved and cared for these pigs as if they were pets, giving them the best life possible. We have since acquired more pigs and hope to be able to provide our family with quality pork for years to come by setting up our own breeding program and growing out the pigs on our pasture.

Learning to be livestock farmers, we have discovered that one of the biggest challenges facing small farmers, is juggling the roles of being a parent, caring for the farm, selling farm products, delivering finished animals to the processor, delivering products to the customer, farm book keeping and meeting legal requirements for sales. We realized this was inefficient to do on our own and discovered that the inability to accomplish all these things kept some folks from farming who would and prevented others already farming from not serving as many families as they could. We decided that what was needed was a cooperative effort to provide farm marketing logistics to small farms and provide a central point for consumers to find the farm products they wanted. Thus was born Regional Seasonal! We want you to be able to eat the same food we eat fresh from our farm and the farms of our friends. We raise our products for our families and we want the best for them. Now, you can get it too. We hope you enjoy!